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Many of you may have seen the word 'Backordered' or 'Sold Out' on a few of our candles (already) such as 07 | Inchydoney or 14 | Napier.

When a candle is 'Backordered' this is good news as I'm just waiting on the courier to deliver some of the goods to me for your candles. So they are literally just days away from being created and packaged up (with a pretty bow) to you. 

If you have ordered a 'Backordered' candle, I will email you and give you an estimated date as to when I'll be receiving the ingredients. Once it's been made, you'll receive an email with shipping details and it'll be on the way to you very shortly. 

However, when the candles are 'Sold Out' it means I'm having a little bit of trouble getting my hands on a particular ingredient. But don't worry, I'm trying to get them back in stock as soon as possible. 

Once I have ordered through my supplier, I will be taking backorders on that Bookshelf Candle. So get in quick :) 

Email me if you have any questions or queries on bookshelfcandles@gmail.com


Jen Xx

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