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Bookshelf Candles is homemade, hand-poured online candle company based in Sydney, Australia. We use a blend of coconut & soy wax along with premium fragrances to create the most gorgeous scented candles for your home. All of our candles 100% natural and are free from dye and toxins.

So who is Bookshelf Candles?

Bookshelf Candles is a one-woman owned luxury candle business here in Sydney, Australia. 
Anybody who knows me, knows that I love candles; the scents, the glass used, if it's a local business and are the products from sustainable companies. I made an executive decision in my head (along with the support from my partner) to just go for it. And if I didn't, I might regret it. 
I wanted to bring quality ingredients to our small batched candles ensuring every candle has the highest standard when they go out to our customers. 

Where did you come up with the name 'Bookshelf Candle'?

Honestly, the name just popped into my head while I was doing the dishes on a Saturday. How cliché I know! With a quick Google search, I couldn't believe nobody had used that name previously. It also makes sense to me cause I always put my candles on the bookshelf (when they aren't lit). They just add the right touch of decoration and scent to any home.

How many candles do you have in your collection?

There will 18 different unique scent in this first collection of candles. They range from a refreshing watermelon (no. 6 Bondi) to a torrential rain (no. 8 Farran Woods) and everything else in between. 
Every scent is linked to a specific location around the world such as Australia, New Zealand and of course, Ireland. Being Irish, the scents I associate from home are fresh, earthy but yet familiar. 

When are they going live on the website?

They will be going live on Wednesday 3rd June at 6pm AEST, that's 9am GMT, for those wondering. 

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