Women Supporting Women in Small Businesses


Women Supporting Women in Small Businesses

Over the past month of starting up my own business, Bookshelf Candles, I have seen so many women around the world, flourish and blossom in becoming the women bosses they were born to be. 

These women are inspiring, dedicated, come from different backgrounds, like myself, but we all have one goal in common and that's to be the best versions of ourselves we can be. 

In getting to know the incredible women behind their companies, they (unknowingly) have inspired many future women to take that jump in starting their own business. I want to take this opportunity on behalf of everyone and say 'Thank You'. 

Here are just *some* of the small businesses that are smashing goals!

01. Long Story Short Design - Jes & Cynthia have started an incredible printing company here in Sydney, Australia and are my go-to for all of my printing needs! No job is too small or too big for them. Seriously, just check out their instagram - I have serious label envy! 

02. Taylor Candle & Co - Taylor is based in Arizona, USA and started her fantastic candle company in 2020. She has ALREADY been featured in Vogue and British Vogue! This girl is on fire and I'm here for it. Give her a follow on Instagram!

03. Pretty Dead Flowers - if keeping flowers "alive" isn't your thing (like I always forget to water mine), I would HIGHLY suggest purchasing dried flowers from Pretty Dead Flowers. This company is based on the Gold Coast in Australia and have gorgeous flower arrangements. If you're looking for pops of colour or a neutral palette, they have it! Start following them on Instagram ASAP!

04. FB Copywriting - Fiona is known for her storytelling abilities and has over 10 years experience in copywriting and SEO! She takes the time to get to know you, your brand and helps you reach your goals. Check out her blog 'bitesize traveller', it makes me hungry every time I read it!

05. Brooklyn Bakes AU - Brooklyn creates the most mouth-watering, delicious, colourful (do I have enough adjectives?!), baked treats in the Sunshine Coast. With flavours such as lemon, lime & coconut, strawberry champagne and pina colada to name a few, what's not to love?! Every time I see her pictures pop upon my Instagram, I legitimately want to try them all!

If you have any questions or queries about any of the businesses above or want to find out more, email me at bookshelfcandles@gmail.com

Speak soon!

Jen xx

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