Bookshelf Candles X Debra Hood Art


With 35 years experience as an artist, Debra Hood now specialises in intricate, colourful and detailed cityscapes of Brisbane that capture the romantic essence of it's inner city suburbs. Debra enjoys documenting the variety of Queenslander homes and they always charm and inspire with their architectural detail and heritage.  

Her work aims to bring joy to the viewer, and a sense of childhood nostalgia as they search to find tiny hidden secrets amongst the foliage or daydream about life inside the houses.  

Debra is excited by the challenge of discordant colours and assorted patterns. I love to create a visually exciting and offbeat image. Pink or yellow tree trunks play with multicoloured leaves. Pink, purple and blue confetti sky, a reflection of summer sunsets over the  Brisbane skyline and green hills.

This collaboration has been inspired by the reminiscent memories of times gone by, the beauty and colour of nature and of course, Queensland. 

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