Candle Care

Looking after your hand poured Bookshelf Candle

Large Amber soy and coconut candle surrounded by pink flowers

Trim the Wick

  • If your soy candle is lit, please snuff it out before you trim the wick. 
    • Sometimes wicks will have a 'mushroom' effect after being lit for hours. 
  • Allow to cool (don't want any unnecessary burns).
  • Trim the wick using a wick scissors but if you don't have any, use a kitchen scissors (be careful) and cut between 5-6mm and remove any wick/soot from the soy candle.

Avoid Draughts

  • Our hand poured candles don't like the cold and/or draughts (much like myself). 
  • By placing your soy candle in a draughty area, it could melt unevenly (who wants an uneven candle?!)

Wax Pools

  • If your soy candle has been lit for hours (like 2-3), I would recommend snuffing it out. 
  • Don't worry, your home will still smell amazing!
  • Wax pools can be dangerous ie;  
    • The candle could spontaneously erupt into flames
    • More smoke and/or vapour may increase

Going, Going, Gone

  • When your soy candle is nearly finished, leave about 8-10mm of wax in the jar and do not re-burn. 
  • Instead of throwing out your glass jar, here are some tips to re-use it: 
    • Pour some hot water (not boiling) about halfway
    • Leave for about 3-5 minutes (this will soften the wax at the bottom)
    • Get a spoon and pop that wax straight out
    • Clean your glass and re-use it as a vase/whiskey glass/book end or whatever you'd like
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